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“My wife and I just completed the training course in Milwaukee on Sunday, May 22nd. My first impression was that I was not going to like the instructor, because he was a little aggressive and unorthodox. By the end of the course I was convinced he did an outstanding job. He presented a lot of valuable information, and was even entertaining. My wife had to drag me to the course, but I’m definitely glad I took it, and I would recommend the class to others- whether they own a firearm or not.”
-John and Melanie Gee

I would like thank everyone involved in helping me complete my CC training at Felton Training Group. Everyone was very pleasant and professional. Jim Watts made the class room class very interesting and added humor where possible without taking away from the extreme importance in the class. He kept the classes interesting for the whole time. Thats a tough job. By the end of the classes we had a whole new understanding to the importance of being license to carry a gun. At the range the training was just the best. Always stressing the importance being safe, do it right and be ready to protect yourself and your family. I am very please I picked Felton Training Group and it was an honor to have such an experienced and specialized instructor as Jim Watts. Thank you very much.
-Jeff Tenney

I want to complement Jim Watts on providing us with an informative class, along with a presentation that kept it interesting and fun. I wasn’t quite prepared for everything I learned, this weekend. I throughly enjoyed the class. Thank you.
-Bowman Shaw

Hi, A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being retrained all over again by one of your instructors and please don’t get mad if I cannot recall his name. I just wanted to say that he was extremely knowledgeable of his craft and it should not go unnoticed that he articulated the classroom material with professionalism and the can do attitude towards his craftsmanship and others for whom he trained. I have recommended your services to many of my coworkers and hope they follow through. I guess they are waiting to see how I finish but again as I told them past or fail they should go and sign up and I’m sure they will do just that. Again, I was delighted and I’m looking to get with a staff member to complete whatever paper work that’s needed before and or after the range. I’m scheduled for April 28th 2014. I guess we trainees will receive our marching orders soon. So I like to thank you for your service it was informative and on target. Sincerely, Mr. Andre’ P. A. Jones Sr.
-Mr. Andre’ P. A. Jones Sr.

Felton Group, I wanted to drop to drop you a line to let you know that not only did I learn a lot taking this class but the hours went by FAST! there was so much to learn and the teacher Jim Watts really made it interesting and insightful with a little levity, some shot stories that related to the subjects that he was covering. Anyway I wanted to let you know that this class was excellent I’m really glad I took it and very happy that I ran into a teacher who really had his heart into what he was doing. He also told everyone of us that if we wanted to go shoot with him or if we needed some help with the subject matter ( after the class was finished) he gave us his card and e-mail address. There are a lot of classes I have taken over the years and some of them were not very good, boring and it was like a factory trying to get through them. Jim Watts is a great asset to your organization. Best Regards Be Safe!
-Michael Sneddon

thank you for training class the training Instructor james watts is a great teacher looking forward to more help with felton training group thank you.
-Greg Hawthorne

My son and I attended the Concealed Carry Course on Feb 8th and 9th. I never imagined we would learn so much valuable information in the two days of training. We feel fortunate that we had James Watts as our instructor. James is extremely knowledgeable and did a great job of making all of us feel comfortable to ask questions and provide feedback. James did a very good job of ensuring that all of the students in our class kept engaged during the two days of training which is not an easy thing to do. I will definitely recommend the Felton Group to my friends and family members and we will especially recommend James Watts for the instructor. Regards, Linda Pfluger
-Linda Pfluger

Compleated my class room portion of my Illinois concealed carry class and our instuctor was James Watts who did a fine job of teaching the class. He was very informative and answered all questions in detail. The class is a very good value and I would suggest anyone who is thinking about Illinois concealed carry to sign up. Thank you James for teaching this class I can tell you are a person who really enjoys his job.
-Jim Dunning

Hi All The class was awesome, so grateful for the knowledge and professionalism of our instructor. I am interested in getting my Arizona permit also, please advise on how to move forward. Once again thanks Ellen N Joiner
-Ellen N Joiner

Thank you so much for the videos that you put on my flash drive in class today as well as the two days of training. The class was extremely informative and Jim Watts was outstanding. I look forward to the range tomorrow and all of the future training that I will be calling upon you for. This is all new to me and I am one of those people that needs to know how to do everything correctly. Jim, I appreciate your professional attitude and your dedication to your craft. It is not often that you meet someone with so much passion about their craft that they are willing to invite you into their home if you need help. I have a great amount of respect for you and what you do. I look forward to your guidance in the future and thanks again for your expertise in the training class.
-Derrick Young

This letter is written to show you how much I appreciate the way you taught the Chicago Concealed Carry Weapon Permit class on Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2013. You were the perfect instructor. You had everyone’s attention because you went beyond the concealed weapon topic. You really care about us as a person and about our safety. You truly care about our families and about the public’s safety. You had no problem answering all of our questions and you cared enough to stop what you were doing and actually showed us by looking up all of our questions so that we can clearly understand. You had every single person in your class involved and we all really enjoyed your humor and professionalism. I will think of what you taught us in every situation where I would have to defend myself or back off. Thank you James. Sincerely, Patricia Ridge
-Patricia Ridge

I participated in a Felton Training Group CCW class in Oak Brook Terrace at the Holiday Inn in December of 2013. I would recommend this course to anyone truly interested in concealed carry in the State of Illinois. Please note that I have a Ph.D. in education and have taught 34+ years in public education, my youngest student was 3 my eldest was 80! Felton uses practical teaching methods of describing what you will learn, then delivering instruction, followed by what you learned-pedagogy. Jim Watts our instructor is a hands on, knowledgeable resource. I didn’t agree with every thing he said, but for the most part he was a straight arrow. I am an avid sportsman of 50+ years and he didn’t talk down to his audience even though he had people attending class that had never fired or owned a weapon. Tough act to perform, bur executed well! Rgk
-Robert Klemp

I really enjoyed your class. The good thing about it – your class yesterday really made me think about the whole process of carrying a gun or just handling it properly in my house or place of business. I would like the name and email contact of the person you know who will transfer guns for $25.00. Thanks again and see you on the 13th of January at 6:00pm. Best regards Tobin A. Mitchell, Educational Consultant
-Tobin A. Mitchell

The course was great. Very informative. Instructor did an excellent job explaining. He covered a lot of material not even one second was wasted. I wish there were more teachers and instructors like James Watts, who is very passionate about what his doing. I strongly recommend taking this course with James Watts. Thank you, Martin L
-Martin Lata

I enjoyed the class a lot. I thought it was informative, efficient, and a great value. I will certainly recommend the class to anyone interested in a concealed carry permit. Thanks again.
-Marcus Powers

I really enjoyed your class for Concealed Weapons Permit last Saturday, 28 July. You are very knowledgeable, as well as, thorough. You gave us all individual attention; that was really appreciated. I also learned many new things. What really surprised me was learning that ammo gets old and should be replaced. My ammo is over 10 years old, and I will dispose of at nearest police station. Thanks for your patience at the range. Take care.
-R. Willis

Thanks for the informative basic instruction. I learned things that I didn’t know and that will be useful in the future. Especially regarding Florida and interstate laws. I am certainly glad that I emailed you guys as opposed to going to the gun show class. You have a great instructor and It was nice for someone to talk in a real world/ non- P.C – candy coated manner. This was much more informative than the Tucson Sector provides for ranch patrols, so I will be passing on the good word about you folks to my friends here and out there ASAP. Thanks and feel free to use this email as a testament online or otherwise.
-J. Irwin

Thanks for the class it was very informative and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The instructor not only fully answered all questions before and during the course, but continued to be a mentor even after the class had ended.
-J. Mack

Thank you so much! The class was great and I learned a lot I didn’t know. You are doing a great job and please keep up the good work. Thanks again. Have a good day
-W.B. Huey

It was a great class, I learned a lot! Thank you.
-N. Keener

Hi guys,
Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the course today, I thought you guys were great and had a fantastic time.
-Rhys Harrison

Ryan, Nate,
First off, thanks for the CCW course I recently attended. You conducted a very professional, yet personable, training for folks seeking to obtain a concealed carry permit. More importantly, you gave proper focus on the moral, legal and physical responsibilities of carrying a weapon – especially the act of using it. I hope to be able to attend some of your more advanced personal defense training soon.
Feel free to use any part of this as a personal endorsement for your CWP class.
Best regards and thanks in advance,
-Andrew Ellis

I thought the class was fantastic. Very informative and Ryan & Nate were very professional. I will be recommending you to any one who wants to take a class. My wife will be taking it in a few months. Thanks for a great class.
-Thom Daniels

I was very impressed with Mr. Knopp. He was very professional, was able to provide corrective advice, and I came away feeling far more confident about my ability to safely use a firearm.
He should be commended for his patience and good advice.
Catherine St. Clair

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